Gambling Laws in Bangladesh and Its Effectiveness: A quick look

If you are from Bangladesh, every time you see an advertisement for an online betting site, there is a temptation to click. It might be the fear of legal issues that would prevent you from clicking on the link or just looking up a legitimate online gambling site.

Instead of fidgeting with irrational fear, learn all you can about the online gambling laws of Bangladesh. The effectiveness of Bangladesh’s gambling laws is not as strong as you might think, and you might be surprised.

Let us first establish – There is a law in place to prevent gambling in Bangladesh. But the law is specifically for physical gambling. Unless you plan on playing physically at a casino, you should not worry about breaking any laws.

However, the same fear should not exist if it is online gambling or betting, as it’s in the grey area and therefore not illegal. Let us dive deeper into the legal aspects and put your mind at rest.

What Does the Bangladeshi law say about gambling & online Gambling?

Upon achieving independence from Pakistan, Bangladesh chose to retain the Public Gambling Act of 1867 in its constitution, which was initially established during the British colonial era in India and Pakistan, and therefore later in Bangladesh. Since gaining independence, the law has remained mostly unchanged.

The primary law that governs gambling in Bangladesh is the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was established during the British regime. The act’s penalties for gambling are relatively lax and apply to physical gamling only, as they were established during a time when provisions regarding online gambling were unimaginable.

Additionally, scattered provisions in Bangladeshi laws mention gambling, such as section 294A of The Penal Code, 1860, and section 92 of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (Amendment) Ordinance, 1976.

However, none of the gambling laws above or other provisions specifically addresses online gambling. There is no mention of sports betting or online gambling and casinos being illegal in Bangladesh. It is difficult to establish with 100% guarantee that online gambling or sports betting is illegal and therefore they remain in the gray area.

The constitution of Bangladesh prohibits physical gambling. So if you find a real casino to play in, you should worry about breaking the law. But if it is just an online betting site or casino, then there is no need to sweat. The law does not specify online gambling or sports betting so it’s basically possible to bet and gamble online.

However, it’s important to choose only international (offshore) online betting and casino brands though, and only of top quality.

Are gambling & Sports Betting Legal in Bangladesh?

Online gambling and betting is a tempting notion, especially when you hear about people who have won large amounts of money from it. If you are wondering about trying online gambling or betting, it’s best to only opt for a licensed online gambling operator.

Physical gambling might be illegal in Bangladesh, but the same cannot be said for any online gambling or betting activity. You can slip in through that loophole and indulge in some harmless games. There are many top-quality offshore online bookmakers and gambling platforms available for those who are interested in participating.

People who take part in sports betting place their bets on certain games. The outcome of the games determines whether they win or lose. The games include football matches, cricket matches, and horse racing. You can place your bets via websites or in person.

Sometimes, betting or online gambling games are not regulated properly. If there is no assurance or security in place, it is hard to establish a secure system. There is always a chance of non-payment of winnings. So one should be cautious before betting big chunks of money and only choose to play or bet with top gambling and betting operators.

We on BajiCasinoBD only recommend on top quality betting and gambling brands, so you can be sure you are playing safely and just enjoy yourself!

There is no evidence of individuals being prosecuted in Bangladesh for online gambling. Companies located outside Bangladesh often allow users to create accounts for real money betting and gambling online. While major international brands provide websites in several languages, none are available in Bengali. Therefore, users will need to learn English or another major language.

At present, there are no online casinos operating in Bangladesh, limiting the online gambling options available to Bangladeshi players. However, this does not necessarily mean that online gambling is non-existent in the country.

Players can still engage in live casino games, play online slot machines, receive welcome bonuses, and use other services offered by online casino sites. Typically, Bangladeshi individuals engage in online gambling at offshore casino websites. This is a common practice, not only for individuals who lack local online gambling options but also for gamers who are unable to access a wide range of services in their own countries due to stringent regulations.

Current State of Online Gambling in Bangladesh

We have established that online gambling falls into the grey area of the law. It is neither legal nor illegal in Bangladesh. However, the government has implemented measures to block access to foreign betting websites and some sites are only available by VPN. 

Still, many people in Bangladesh play those gambling platforms directly if they are accesable, or access these sites via VPN if they are blocked. The number of online gambling players in Bangladesh is not decreasing with any of the preventive measures in place, it’s the opposite – There is a steady increase in the demand for online gambling and betting.

In fact, the last few years have seen rapid growth in the users of online betting sites in the Indian subcontinent. Internet access has become more widespread in developing countries. The internet packages and monthly charges are much cheaper now. Which means anyone and everyone has internet.

You do not need any high-end computer or a smartphone with the latest specs to access any of the online gambling or betting sites. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Since a large portion of the population in the subcontinent has access to these now, the number of players in online betting has seen significant growth and this includes Bangladeshi gambling and betting lovers!

Not just local sites but a lot of foreign companies are starting to enter the Bangladeshi market as well. Since the law is lenient when it comes to online gambling, foreign companies are taking on the chance to expand their growth.

Since India has such a large population, a lot of foreign companies have already established their online betting platform there. Now they are hoping to expand more by moving on to Bangladesh. Since there are new Bangladeshi players registering every day, it is safe to say that the companies would not be disappointed and so are the players, if they choose the right brand!

Online Gambling and Betting in Bangladesh Continues to Grow

As we mentioned previously on this article, the constitution of Bangladesh does not say anything about online gambling. The government has tried to implement some preventive measures to block access to some foreign betting websites. But such efforts did little to halt the growth of the online gambling industry in Bangladesh.

The growth for the last few years is quite significant. As we have mentioned in the previous section, a gradual increase in internet usage has helped with that growth.

The increasing popularity of sports has also driven the growth of online betting. The availability of live streaming of sports events added to the growing popularity.

In Bangladesh, residents are permitted to participate in specific lotteries and place bets on horse racing, but only when physically present at the track on race day. That is why a lot of players deviate from the concept of online gambling more and more.

Informal gambling among friends is also quite common. Similar to India, enforcing a ban on online gambling is proving to be a challenge in Bangladesh, as no explicit law prohibits it.

The young population is adding to the growing population of users in online betting. Many youngsters try their hand at these games out of mere curiosity. There are many “game” versions of the betting games available on the Play Store or Apple Store.

The online casino situation is very similar – Teen Patti Gold, Casino, Poker and many other casino games are available to play across all devices. But the games are just meant to provide a taste of the real thing. People tend to get tired of the free games on their phones. So they move on to the real thing and start looking for real money online casino sites. The hunger and demand for online casino games is growing rapidly, just like those for online betting.

Finishing words

We have established that online gambling is not illegal according to the constitution of Bangladesh. So if you want to indulge in some online betting sites, go ahead and enjoy!

All we suggest is that you check the credentials of the site/brand you would be playing at and make sure it’s a top quality international offshore operator. It will not hurt to be cautious if you plan on playing with real money. The best approach is to play for free at first and then use real money.

Make sure the site you use has good reviews, reliability and offers timely payouts and payment methods. We on BajiCasinoBD will only recommend you on the best online casino and betting operators in Bangladesh, so you can be relax and enjoy playing and betting!

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